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Golden Visa

At BFB Finance we provide all the necessary support to expedite your Golden Visa or ARI (Residence Permit for Investment Activity) application process.


Residence Permit for Investment Activity (ARI):

The current legal provisions allow foreign investors to apply for a residence permit for investment activities, granted to anyone who legally enters the national territory (valid Schengen visa holders, or visa exemption beneficiaries), through the transfer of capital, job creation, or purchase of real estate.

Who can apply?

Investors who choose one of the following forms of investment to obtain a residence permit:

  • Acquisition of real property valued at €500,000.00 or greater;
  • Purchase of real property that is older than 30 years, or located in areas of urban rehabilitation and reforms valued at €350,000.00 or greater;
  • Job creation (a minimum of 10 jobs);
  • Transfer of capital equal to or greater than €250,000.00 for investment or support of activities of artistic production, recovery or maintenance of cultural heritage;
  • Transfer of capital in an amount equal to or greater than €350,000.00, intended for public or private entities which operate in the field of scientific research;
  • Transfer of capital in an amount equal to or greater than €500,000.00 intended for the acquisition of units in investment funds or venture capital to support the capitalization of small and medium-sized enterprises;

BFB Finance will assist you throughout the investment process.


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