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Recovery and Revitalization of Businesses

At BFB Finance we support the recovery of insolvent or potentially insolvent companies from bankruptcy procedures, helping them to regain their financial and operational stability.

We develop plans for financial restructuring and assist in its implementation at the operational level to make the company viable at its different levels.


Our process includes:

  • Crisis Management;
  • Financial Restructuring;
  • Support for the Reorganization, Restructuring, and Development of the Company.

We apply a methodology focused on identifying the causes of failure in management, and the company’s economic and financial situation. We develop and implement plans for appropriate actions to support and facilitate business success.

As specialists, we provide a set of specialized services that will allow for an effective restructuring of the business.


Experienced professionals

Our team is composed of a group of specialists in various areas, with specific training and proven experience, who will provide integrated support to your company throughout the project.